Saturday, September 28, 2013


This is closed for now until I feel like bringing it back. Anyone trying to contact me can join my server, or find my YouTube channel.

Youtube: IndustriGaming

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Life: Episode 2

Welp, personal stuff has led to a strict limit on the computer. That means no server reviews until June 19. Sorry.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Creative Mindz

Yep, I'm back and wait until you hear this. I've joined many servers so I can post often, and by far this is the worst one I can think of. Creative Mindz is a creative server as the name implies. The members there are very secluded, you either know them or they don't talk. This isn't a big problem, especially if you want to be left alone and just build. The mechanics are the problem. This is the only server that I've played that makes you need to get whitelisted, besides a RPG server. This means I can build anything, that doesn't need lava, TNT, or the most dangerous of all... Water. You also can't TP, or /sethome until you get whitelisted. These are all to stop greifing, which I can understand. That is until you get griefed by the staff and owner. I was building a town with a friend, and the most lovely thing happened. When I returned to the server an admin and the owner worked together to grief my conductor tower that my friend built. Not only that but they also destroyed my land, and placed the dirt in random places.

Overall Grade: C+
If I'm missing something or if you have a server that you want reviewed, tell me in the comments. :)

Monday, May 6, 2013

My Life: Episode 1

Well here's what's going on in my life. I just finished the NJ A.S.K test so I have more time in my hands to look at servers, and I'm punished so the amount of activity I do will be scarce and limited. I'll try to post often, but no promises. Why I'm punished you may be asking, well I decided to take a shower in the morning before I left for school. Now I'm punished. Moral of the story, stop trying to be clean, if you do you get punished.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Blast Studios

Sorry for being late. I was busy playing Blast Studios. I was quick to judge and it effected their grade. To start off I think I should begin with saying how often I will be posting. I've been doing every other day, well that's not enough time to test a server and I think I'll be doing it every week. Give or take a day. Now onto the server... Blast Studio is actually a very fun Factions Server. The sad thing is, staff is almost never on. Personally, I won't keep playing if the staff won't at least check-in. The few (if any) times the staff come one, they meddle in things that we don't want to have effected. Such as, they have /warps for the End and the Nether, the staff have made two different spawns for them. Both take up to much space and block off the points to them. I had to dig a tunnel just to get into the Nether, and the End. Don't even get me started. That took all the land to make the End spawn, and the one bridge doesn't even lead to more land. It just leads to an Enderman spawner. So if you want to fight the Ender Dragon you'll have to find a different server. The members are more then nice and pleasentbut there are the few. There is a certain faction that just so happens to have grieffed me twice on my first day, and raided my friends. Then there is also a certain member that if joining factions, then when everyone leaves, obliterates the entire base then leaves. This is one reason it took me so long to finish this review. I had to carfully plan out how to grade it, with this major factor. So I have made a fair conclusion for the grade.

Extra Note: I will still be playing this server. You can't be in my Faction, but you can be apart of my allies.

Overall Grade: C+

If I'm missing something or if you have a server that you want reveiwed, tell me in the comments. :)

Monday, April 29, 2013

Upcoming: Blast Studios

Blast Studios is a Factions Server. All seemed fair and good until... Well I'll tell you tomorrow.